Nearby Attractions

There are countless visitor attractions in the area; far too many to mention here. We provide can provide leaflets covering museums, theme parks, gardens, arts and crafts, railways, music and the arts, food and drink and shopping to name but a few. If there is something special you want to do during your visit, do let us know beforehand. We will be only too willing to help with information or put you in touch with other organisations.

Calke Abbey


A private home until 1985, then the Harpur Crewe's turned the mansion over to the NT, revealing a time capsule house that was astonishing in that parts of it had simply been locked up and left as the family generations passed on. Items from the early 18th century still lay in their packing cases, newspapers from the 1800's, and lots and lots of stuffed animals ...


The NT have not simply restored the house, they preserved what they found: the delipidations, the mess, the authenticity, the very DNA of the place. It is unique in the NT portfolio and therefore ought to be on everyone's 'must-see' list.

Staunton Harold Church & Ferrers Centre


Staunton Harold Church is important because it was one of only two churches built during Oliver Cromwell's baleful interregnum. A brave thing indeed for Sir Robert Shirley building this chapel, it was his way of standing up for ‘all thinges sacred’ as he saw it: the High Anglican Church and the God-given right of the monarch to rule.


The Ferrers Centre is a redevelopment of the old stable block, now reinvigorated by arts & crafts, deli foods, plate-painting and a well-established cafe. Well worth a vist.

Donington Park Race Circuit


After a disastrous few years recently, this famous curcuit is back in safe hands and, with a newly redeveloped track, pits and viewing points, it is regaining its position as one of the best motor racing tracks in England. There are new meetings, races and other events being organised every year, and you can bet there is something going on - just look up their website for the full SP.


Also, do not overlook the F1 museum, with over 300 cars on display. A neat counterpoint to the nascent F4 (electric) industry that is just beginning to make an impact and already has many team HQ's based here at Donington.

The National Forest


We are right in the National Forest and it has a plethora of things to do, see and get involved in. Best thing is to go see here:



If you are a foodie, head for Melbourne, about 3 miles away. It has a disproportionate number of good places to eat. We would single out The Bay Tree, Amalfi White and Harpurs as favourites of ours, but there are others too, just waiting for you to discover for yourselves.


Melbourne also has a great October Festival where you can discover 'hidden' Melbourne, which has some amazing surprises.